Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GoodReads Giveaway! (Begins Jan 18)


GoodReads Giveaway!

(Jan 18 - Feb 6)

Rewritten I: Fallacy AND Rewritten II: Veracity

SIGNED ADVANCE/PROOF COPY OF VERACITY to celebrate this KickStarter! (Winner may choose either a proof or final copy of Rewritten I: Fallacy. The copy will be signed.)


A scientist mad with grief; a mother trying to escape guilt; a little girl's worst nightmare; a mistake with unforeseen consequences.

What if your life--your world--your memories--were a lie?

Keep your head down. They're listening.


Lies protect Haven. There are only so many ways to hide--trickery and deceit are her only options. Each time she finds a new family, she knows it will only be a matter of time before she's found out.

Only one truth has lasted throughout her life: there is no home for someone like her.

She's running out of hiding places.


Rewritten I: Fallacy will be available as a free ebook via Amazon from February 2 to February 4.


Though Veracity is not scheduled for release until June, the winner of this giveaway will receive the first proof copy of Veracity (estimated March 2013).


Enter the giveaway here!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New KickStarter

Everyone has their own motivation; everyone has a reason to obscure the truth. Fallacy set the mysteries in motion. In Veracity, the deceptions begin to truly unravel and unveil the truth; by the end of Defiance, each character finds the answers they need.

Complete the series and resolve the remaining mysteries.

Now that I've wrapped up everything with my old KickStarter, I'm launching a new one! Check it out!