Novels in the World of Qol

In the world of Rewritten, everyone hoards information. Any false move or lapse of judgment could have dreadful ramifications. Each character has their own lies to tell and secrets to keep, and the struggle to cooperate despite drastic differences in their own perceptions of their world and situation sends every one of them into danger.

Rewritten I: Fallacy

Born to the vivid heat and unyielding sunlight of Phoenix, Ray dives into her pool and surfaces in a cold lake. 

There is no sun in Qol. She has no family. Ray has never existed--only Laenyn. 

Or so the mad scientist claims. But her younger sister, older and yet smaller than she ought to be, seems to remember their life rather differently...

Rewritten II: Veracity

Lies protect Haven. There are only so many ways to hide--trickery and deceit are her only options. Each time she finds a new family, she knows it will only be a matter of time before she's found out.

Only one truth has lasted throughout her life: There is no home for someone like her.

She's running out of hiding places.

Rewritten III: Evasion

Four years spent hiding in dreams. Four years wasted as Ilonon tore itself to pieces. With the threat of execution hanging over her head and a body withered with starvation and disuse, Ray must escape to safety.

Her journey will lead her to answers and new questions. Failure can only mean death.

Rewritten IV: Defiance
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Laenyn became a Keshaan to protect her family--even at the cost of someone else's. But six years later, the fearless eyes of the woman she put to death still burn in her memory.

The ruin spread by her choice to obey haunts her. War and vengeance chase her in the night.

Obedience left blood on her hands; only defiance will wash them clean.

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