Wednesday, June 26, 2013


This is an issue I've struggled with quite a bit while publishing. How do I categorize my Qol books? (For the purposes of this post, I'll be focusing on Fallacy, but Veracity and Evasion pose similar problems.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I recently decided to try out snowflaking--a writing process that runs rather counter to my typical strategies. Usually I start off with a concept, loosely outline it, then watch my characters bulldoze through my plans and make something far more interesting. On the plus side, my stories end up surprising me quite often, keeping me engaged, and developing naturally and organically. However, this method has a fair number of problems, as well: unanticipated plot holes, a great deal of rewriting (approximately four beginning-to-end drafts before hitting the final copy), and sometimes losing the story entirely, which results in more abandoned projects than I'd like.

So I'm trying out snowflaking! If you don't want to read the full summary at the link above, here's a short explanation: You start with your story in a nutshell--a single sentence explaining the concept. Then you turn that sentence into a paragraph, then each sentence in that paragraph into a paragraph of its own, until you have a fully-formed sketch of a story. (At which point you get to flesh it out and turn it into a proper novel.)

So I've been hammering out a concept for a superhero novel. Examples of my progress are under the cut:

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Unmaking collection is now available on the Kindle!

Unmaking is now available as a collection for $4.99!

A collection of 20 micro short stories and 1 novella spanning from the creation of the universe to its unmaking. Retold creation myths and ancient legends, urban fantasy with fantastic creatures, and post-apocalyptic fairy tale remixes are connected in a loose daisy chain that circumnavigates multiple time lines and settings.
From the world’s creation and past its destruction, they persist.
Includes the following:
Creation Myth: Weaving
Retold Myths: The Box (Pandora’s Box), Moon’s Child (Artemis), Still Waters (Narcissus), The Undertaker (Charon), Unseen (Psyche and Cupid), From Dust (Pygmalion and Galatea), Stolen (Hades and Persephone)
Urban Fantasy: Summer Pool (Mermaids), Unbidden (Unicorns), Ill-begotten (Succubi), Cove Song (Sirens), The Nausea of Displacement (Magical Objects), Mundane (The Sight), Awakening (Vanishing)
Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tales: Home Before Nightfall (Cinderella), Marred (The Ugly Duckling), Fractured Glass (The Snow Queen), Confined (Rapunzel), Mutation (Beauty and the Beast)
Post-Apocalyptic Lesbian Adventure Novella: Chasing Shadows
This collection contains all other Unmaking bundles (Cyclical [$0.99], Unlikely Places [$0.99], Through the Cracks [$0.99], Ill-Fitting [$0.99], Fallen Towers [$2.99]) as well as the novella, Chasing Shadows [$2.99]. It features full-color covers for all stories. Buying the series as a collection gives readers a 50% discount as well as access to bonus material.