Monday, June 10, 2013

The Unmaking collection is now available on the Kindle!

Unmaking is now available as a collection for $4.99!

A collection of 20 micro short stories and 1 novella spanning from the creation of the universe to its unmaking. Retold creation myths and ancient legends, urban fantasy with fantastic creatures, and post-apocalyptic fairy tale remixes are connected in a loose daisy chain that circumnavigates multiple time lines and settings.
From the world’s creation and past its destruction, they persist.
Includes the following:
Creation Myth: Weaving
Retold Myths: The Box (Pandora’s Box), Moon’s Child (Artemis), Still Waters (Narcissus), The Undertaker (Charon), Unseen (Psyche and Cupid), From Dust (Pygmalion and Galatea), Stolen (Hades and Persephone)
Urban Fantasy: Summer Pool (Mermaids), Unbidden (Unicorns), Ill-begotten (Succubi), Cove Song (Sirens), The Nausea of Displacement (Magical Objects), Mundane (The Sight), Awakening (Vanishing)
Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tales: Home Before Nightfall (Cinderella), Marred (The Ugly Duckling), Fractured Glass (The Snow Queen), Confined (Rapunzel), Mutation (Beauty and the Beast)
Post-Apocalyptic Lesbian Adventure Novella: Chasing Shadows
This collection contains all other Unmaking bundles (Cyclical [$0.99], Unlikely Places [$0.99], Through the Cracks [$0.99], Ill-Fitting [$0.99], Fallen Towers [$2.99]) as well as the novella, Chasing Shadows [$2.99]. It features full-color covers for all stories. Buying the series as a collection gives readers a 50% discount as well as access to bonus material.

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