Short Stories and Novellas

Return the Sea

Return the Sea (approx. 5800 words or 23 pages) is a collection of Lovecraftian fairy tales retold with cosmic horror in mind. The unknowable calls across the ages, waiting for the stars to find their perfect alignment.

The Mad Library: An adaptation of Cinderella. Ash lives with her stepmother and stepsisters, locked in a large house. The desert sings to her, just as it sang to her parents before it stole them away. When the great unknowable touches the lives of Ash and her family, she must choose either to renounce it or embrace it.

The Star Book: A adaptation of The Star Money in which penniless orphan ventures into a strange forest, where she must lose everything in order to gain true knowledge.

The Handless Girl: A adaptation of The Girl Without Hands in which a cultist’s headstrong daughter must pay the price for the mad vision plaguing his dreams. She seeks kindness in the world and discovers the unknowable truth in its place.

Pendular Motion
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Time travel has always been possible. Sometimes the only way back is to push forward.

Memory of the Machine: A lifelong captive researching the vast beauty of space and time plots a course to take her back and back and back--the only way that she can more forward.

Cold Sleep: As the planet’s terraformers deteriorate, an orphaned space pioneer is stranded under the unrelenting glare of the sun.

Endless Night: Shepherding a ship full of people deep in cryogenic slumber, a solo pilot embraces life in the perpetual darkness of space.

The Great Ships

(A steampunk short story, approximately 5000 words long, set during the Meiji Restoration in Japan.)

As technological revolution dawns in Japan, the imperial government utilizes hidden factories to produce the great ships--steam-powered vehicles capable of flight and intended for combat.

The late 1860s in Japan set the stage for rapid change. Spontaneous movements break out protesting the strict roles enforced by society; the imperial government overthrows the shogunate and rewrites the religious doctrines for the nation even as so-called New Religions spread like wildfire. Social upheaval and unrest fill the nation. 

And then, one clear day, talismans fall from the sky...



Unmaking includes Cyclical, Unlikely Places, Through the Cracks, Ill-Fitting, Fallen Towers, and Chasing Shadows as well as bonus material.


Cyclical (approx. 6000 words) features four retold myths as well as a full-color cover image for each story.

The Box (Pandora’s Box): In the dark recesses of an echoing cave, a young girl finds a box. Do not open.

Moon's Child (Artemis): In the moonlight, she is whole. A pack of wolves at her back and an unerring bow make her queen of the night--invincible. She hunts by starlight and tears those who catch her to pieces.

Still Waters (Narcissus): There is peace in observing beauty. It is not a beautiful world.

The Undertaker (Charon): It has been so long since he heard songs of his homeland. But he knows the end of every story: a still heart and cold, empty eyes.

Unlikely Places

Unlikely Places (approx. 7000 words) features three retold myths as well as a full-color cover image for each story.

Unseen (Psyche and Cupid): Psyche is in love with someone she isn't sure exists. Notes exchanged in the night connect her with C, whose only request is simple: You must never look at me.

From Dust (Pygmalion and Galatea): All life is born of the earth. To fall for beauty, even sculpted by your own hand, is nothing so strange.

Stolen (Hades and Persephone): Do not eat of the land of the dead. Do not drink its waters. Do not try to save those suffering in the underworld. Nothing can be done for those in death's cold grasp.

Through the Cracks

Through the Cracks (approx. 8000 words) is an urban fantasy collection featuring mermaids, unicorns, succubi, and sirens. It includes a full-color cover image for each story.

Summer Pool: Chlorine isn't kind to her gills, but she'll take what she can get.

Unbidden: Even those too young to grow their horn are too proud to come when called.

Ill-begotten: They prey on the human desire for contact, the need to be valued and desired, but their offspring are neither.

Cove Song: In the end, all are drawn to the sea.


Ill-Fitting (approx. 6000 words) is a collection of three short urban fantasies. It includes a full-color cover image for each story.

The Nausea of Displacement: Once, long ago, they belonged. Now they sit, dusty and disbelieved, in the musty corner of old attics or grimy street corners, unwanted and forgotten.

Mundane: Always, out of the corner of her eye, she spots them, but they flicker out of sight before she can examine them: a magic she can never touch or reach.

Awakening: Eyes slip over her. She moves through crowds unheard and unseen. The magic hums like chameleon flesh beneath her skin, but it's only begun to awaken.

Fallen Towers

Fallen Towers (approx. 13,000 words or 58 pages) is a collection of post-apocalyptic retellings of fairy tales. It includes a full-color cover image for each story.

Home Before Nightfall (Cinderella): The sirens demand that all citizens return to safety within minutes of sounding.

North for the Winter (The Ugly Duckling): Badly burned in the wars, she hides herself from those she knew before.

Shattered Glass (The Snow Queen): Nothing true can be reflected in a broken mirror.

Confined (Rapunzel): To keep her safe from wars and radiation, she was imprisoned. But, as her supplies dwindle, she has no choice but to escape.

Mutation (Beauty and the Beast): She's researched radiation poisoning and fairy tales alike.

Chasing Shadows

Two women meet after the world’s end. Both are missing memories, but they hold fast to what they know and seek out Oases: polycarbonate bubbles housing the few survivors of the Last War. As they strike out into the ruined wasteland, time, space, and reality itself unravel at the seams.

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