Saturday, November 3, 2012

Progress Report 17: Audiobook COMPLETE!

All backers have now received their copies of the audiobook, which has also gone on sale on at least one website! As more go live, this site should be updated.

The audiobook is really strong, I think, and I feel honored to have worked with the people at Open Book Audio on this project! I hope that other people enjoy the results as much as I have.

All but the very last rewards have been fully taken care of! I'm still waiting on survey responses to fill the last of the rewards. With luck, I'll be able to fulfill those within 24 hours of hearing back from everyone! It has been incredibly exciting to go through this journey.

As this project finishes up, I might start using this blog to talk about other projects that I'm working on at any given moment. Some examples are under the cut.


I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year! I've decided to split my time between two projects and aim for 100k altogether for the month. In addition to continuing the Rewritten arc, I'll be writing a collection of short stories to hopefully be released throughout the next year. Some sample cover thumbnails are above.

With any luck, at least half of the shorts I come up with will be usable, and I'll be able to release short story bundles on a monthly basis next year. I'll do my best! 

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