Friday, July 27, 2012

Progress Report 7: A month of progress bars

It's been a month since I started making progress bars. Some weeks have been more productive than others, but I've generally been keeping up with my monthly goals, and I should be able to deliver rewards on time. It's been almost two months since the KickStarter funded, and this is what I've accomplished thus far:
  • Commissioned interior artwork
  • Legally set up Qol Press as an official press
  • Filled out paperwork so that I can legally do business as Qol Press
  • Set up contact information that I can give to readers without compromising my own safety
  • Organized a CreateSpace account with all of this legal information so that I can be taxed appropriately
  • Checked in with people about how taxes will work now
  • Bought ISBNs for the entire series
  • Assigned ISBNs for the paperback, epub, mobi, and pdf versions of the book while setting one aside for an audiobook
  • Created an icon for Qol Press
  • Formalized the interior layout of the book (including margins, spacing, font size, page numbering, chapter breaks, etc.)
  • Designed the cover layout
  • Formatted the finished artwork and made a number of design decisions
  • Planned the paperback packages for interested backers
  • Got more than halfway through production of the bonuses for said packages
All of this covers the June and July parts of the timeline I shared with all of you, and even surpasses some of the goals. I've also managed to write a post here at least one a week, and occasionally twice in a day, depending on what I had to report. 

I've contacted my editors; if they get back to me on schedule, I'll be working on editing throughout August, as planned. Once the draft is finalized, the last of the formatting decisions can take place. I can also ship off the pdf ebook to the backer who pledged for an advance copy so that they can write a review, which will go on the back cover of the book.

September will involve draft copies, producing various formats of ebooks, and so forth; if September goes smoothly, I may even be able to get a headstart on this, but I don't want to jinx anything.

Until I get back those edits, I'll be experimenting with some other genres in the hopes that it'll improve my overall skill as a writer.

To celebrate a month of progress bars, I've made a gif that cycles through all of the progress bars that I've shared thus far. As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at -- I'm always happy to hear from you.

(Gif warning--I've placed the gif beneath a cut to be on the safe side.)


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