Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sneak Preview: Paperback Packages

I've never been very good at keeping secrets; I'm the odd sort who loathes surprises. So I couldn't resist sharing these with all of you--they're one of the five bonuses that I'm planning to include in the backers-only paperback packages! Don't worry--these aren't all of the bookmarks that I've made. Once I get all of the orders in, finish coloring them, and add other last minute touches, I'm going to have them (and one of the other rewards) laminated.

These are handmade, and every single one has a unique trivia fact. I've also signed the back of each one. I tried to make this picture small enough that it'll still be almost a surprise to get yours if you're ordering a paperback package--although you'll of course be welcome to share your trivia fact if you want to do so!

There are still five other bonuses in the works; I may not reveal all of them before sending them out, but I hope you enjoy them!

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