Thursday, August 16, 2012

Progress Report 8: Rewriting

In short, by the end of the week after next, all but the very last of my pre-publication work will be complete. Details are under the cut!


I've worked all day every day since receiving all of my editors' comments, rewriting a good 30 pages or so, fleshing out some scenes while cutting others. I also fine-tuned a lot of dialogue that didn't flow as well as I wanted it to.

The map artist contacted me, so that and the rest of the art are well under way. This puts me precisely on schedule. (Ahead of my original schedule, as a matter of fact.)

Next week, as I previously said, I'll be reading the entire book aloud to make sure that there aren't any awkward or confusing sentences, as well as to check overall pacing and flow. I'll be editing as I go through this process, and I should have a final draft by the end of that week. At that point, I'll send out the final draft to two last beta readers and spend the week formatting the book, adding in the artwork I have and setting aside blank pages for the artwork that's not yet done.

So, here is where we sit:

  • The book's content needs only minor edits.
  • The book's formatting needs only the interior art.
  • The book's cover needs only the review from the backer.
  • The publishing section requires only the Library of Congress information (which requires a final draft).
  • The paperback packages can move forward as soon as people pay for their copies--I need to pay for materials for some of the bonuses.
Basically, after this, it's all a waiting game--I have to wait for the draft copies, I have to wait for the remaining artwork, and I have to wait for the Library of Congress to get the information back to me. While I wait, I'll be formatting the book for various ereaders, attempting to get work started on an audiobook (fingers crossed), and trying to finish preparing for your various rewards.

Oh, it occurs to me that I should explain the draft copies. Basically, CreateSpace requires that you print a sample book and look it over in person. I allotted time for three possible draft copies--if the artwork prints poorly, the font reproduces poorly, or I suddenly catch an embarrassing typo that eight pairs of eyes somehow missed, I'll be able to make the necessary changes and order another draft copy. Once it's exactly how I want it, I'll be able to release it.

It's entirely possible that the ebooks will be done before the paperback. If I'm absolutely sure that there will be no significant changes to the book during the drafting process, I may send out the ebooks early and get started filling the post-publication rewards sooner! (I can't write short stories for you if you don't know which characters you want to read about!)

As always, please feel free to ask if you have questions! I'd better get back to work.


  1. I've been following your blog since it started, but I never comment because I suck, so have two in one!

    First: I am so sorry I wasn't able to edit for you. Things went a little crazy for a while there. But if you can forgive me for being a flake, I'd love to help in the future. Just let me know, seriously.

    Second: I'm so excited for you! :D

    1. Oh, I completely understand! No need to worry about it, okay? If you're interested, though, I'll be working on the second book very soon!

      Also, thank you! I'm incredibly excited, myself! I can't wait to see all of this in print!

    2. I am definitely interested! And I will plan better next time, so you'll actually get some feedback from me. <3

    3. Excellent! I'll send it to you once I've decided I don't need a from-scratch rewrite or have completed said rewrite.

      Take care!