Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Character Bios

(Pie chart made with this; I omitted the "I don't care." choice.)

Shortly after my KickStarter funded, I sent out a survey asking what my backers wanted me to prioritize. I got 40 responses to the survey, and I've been using it to guide my budgeting decisions ever since.

Here's the breakdown of the question I want to address today:

Question 2 (What sort of interior art would you MOST like to see?):
  • Setting concept art - 28%
  • Character concept art (ie, a full body drawing with bullet point info) - 20%
  • Scenes (action) - 3%
  • Scenes (characters interacting) - 15%
  • I don’t care. - 35%
This is what led to my art breakdown: 32% setting concept art, 32% character concept art, 21% scenes (characters interacting), 10% maps (it was in another question), and 5% scenes (action).

However, I probably should have thought a bit harder about how I worded the question; now I don't know whether backers just want full body art of characters or the bullet-pointed bio information! If they do want info, what info do they want?

Right now, I'm trying to format the interior of the book, so I'm trying to arrange the profiles. So I'll put it to you, readers: would you rather have the information or have more room for the character picture? If you'd like to have information, what sort of info are you most interested in?

I'm starting to make headway! If I can figure out what information to include, the illustration progress will be able to jump from 20% to 34%, and I'll have done all of the parts that I actually have control over at the moment. If I don't get any feedback, I'll just make my best guess--but I'd rather hear from you!

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