Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress Report 3: Now officially Qol Press!

After posting yesterday, I spent several hours figuring out what sort of business structure Qol Press needed, organizing my funds and expenditures, and so forth. What that means is that, today, I am pleased to announce that Qol Press is officially registered both federally and in Oregon state! I can legally do business as the head representative for Qol Press.

So, what sort of work does this include? It includes writing and editing, of course, but it also includes  organizing a separate bank account for Qol Press money, doing my own accounting, marketing for myself, trying to take care of the design aspects of the book (formatting, font choices, picture placement, etc.), and a lot more. I'm excited to take this on--and also a little nervous, but mostly excited.

Today, though, I have to go to physical therapy. While I wait for my appointment, I'll be planning a detailed timeline to prep for the release of Untold Memories I: Rayai. That way I can be absolutely sure that I get everyone their rewards promptly.

When I get back, if the timeline is set up, I'll make sure to fill you all in. 

With regard to other updates:

Illustrations are moving along well! The maps won't get started until the mapmaker's schedule clears, but the scenes are under way, and the character bio lineart is in its final stages. The 3D monster model is also likely to be complete by the end of the day. The setting art is looking good, too. All in all, I think that you'll like what you see.

As for audiobooks... Still no response. If any of you can suggest alternatives, please let me know.

Finally, I think that editing is going pretty well; I have several experienced editors and writers looking at it for me, for which I am extremely grateful.

I'd better catch my bus! As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, and concerns. Anonymous commenting should be enabled below, in case you're shy about registering for accounts.

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