Monday, June 25, 2012

Progress Report 4: Infographic!

I've been spending a fair amount of time trying to design a progress graphic that'd give backers a visual of where I stand in the project. This is probably the simplest, most direct graphic that I could think up that would be easy to edit.

All in all, progress is rolling along smoothly. Here's a quick breakdown:


After going through the first book so many times that I can recite parts from memory, I sent drafts out to seven friends, two of whom have professionally edited before, one of whom is an author herself, and the rest of whom are avid readers. One of them has already finished editing; the others are still working on it. Once they've gotten back to me, I'll go through the book with a fine-toothed comb.


20% of the final images for the book are complete. While I wait for the other artists to finish up their work, my role will be added bullet-pointed character info to the character profiles, as well as formatting the images so that they fit properly in the book itself.


This, of course, is a part of the publishing process. I've legally set myself up as a publishing company, and I'm in the process of getting a private mailbox exclusively for Qol Press-related mail. I also need to format the interior/exterior of the book, order draft copies, and make sure that it looks professional. (For example, designing a logo for Qol Press.)


I've ordered samples from a number of online printers to compare quality and prices for the bonuses, as well as ordering some materials to hand-make a few of the bonuses myself. There are only a few pre-orders so far, though, so I can't tell for sure what bonuses I will be able to afford. I can guarantee that there will be at least three small things in each package, however, in addition to the signed and noted paperback itself.


I've sent out what rewards could already be sent out. I also planned when I would need to request information and send out surveys. Most of these rewards can't happen until after the books are released--aside, obviously, from the ebooks themselves--so I'm trying to do the prep work now to make delivery go more smoothly later.


Still no word from the audiobook people. I'll send out another ping in a couple of weeks, but the ball is in their park right now.

All in all...

I'm right on track, based on the plan I outlined the other day. If there's anything you want to know more about, please let me know! I'll try to keep everyone updated as much as possible.

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