Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Approximate Timeline

So I spent a long time today figuring out when I hope to have everything completed by. Emphasis on the hope part--after all, I can't predict major illnesses, life events, or disasters. There are a lot of things that could bring any parts of my plan that come after this December crashing down around my ears.

Even so, I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here. This is my current plan of action--if you see any flaws in it, anything that I missed, please let me know! I don't want to overlook anything, but there are a lot of pieces in motion right now. I'm doing my best to account for everything, and I think I've been pretty comprehensive, but having another set of eyes always helps.

Take a look at the details under the cut!



  • June 2012
    • Private Mailbox
    • CreateSpace/Amazon Seller Account Setup
    • Qol Press icon
  • July 2012
    • Create UM I project
      • Assign ISBN
      • Cover Formatting
      • Interior Formatting
        • Beginning pages
        • Layout
    • Arrange character profiles to include bullet-pointed bio information
    • Prep as much as possible for the rest of the year.
  • August 2012
    • Editing
      • Read through edits from the 6 beta readers/editors
      • Incorporate all applicable edits
    • Organize Art
      • Choose interior placement
  • September 2012
    • Finalize interior of book
      • Order a draft print (the maps to be added later, upon receipt) and closely examine it
    • Send out survey to review backer
    • Prep anything else that can be prepped
  • October 2012
    • Send out advance copy to review backer
    • Last call for paperbacks
      • Send out surveys to all basic ebook pledgers asking for the email address that they want to use, etc.
      • Send out PMs to everyone else asking for email addresses they want to use for ebooks, physical addresses for paperbacks.
    • Decide on bonuses for paperback packages based on total number of pre-orders
      • Order necessary materials and items
    • One last draft copy - check all details
      • Then order the paperbacks
  • November 2012
    • Original Untold Memories (paperback and printout) - comment everywhere
    • Organize the bonuses and paperbacks into packages
      • Sign paperbacks, make handmade bonuses, etc.
  • December 2012
    • Send out paperback packages and ebooks
    • Set the book to be available online after backers' books are sent out
    • Send out surveys to all remaining backers asking for preferred characters, trivia, etc.
  • January 2013
    • Send out UM II to all willing editors
    • As people respond to the survey, create and distribute all remaining rewards.
  • February 2013
    • As people continue to respond to the survey, continue to create and distribute all remaining rewards.
    • Continue to rewrite UM III
    • Commission UM II’s cover

After this, what happens depends on a large number of factors. I can’t predict eight months in advance what will happen. In an ideal situation, I will have all books rewritten and edited at least a month before they need to be released. I plan to release a book each June and December in 2012 (UM I), 2013 (UM II, UM III), 2014 (IV, V), 2015 (VI, VII), and 2016 (VIII, short story compilation). If all of this goes well, I may go on to release a branch series (length as yet unknown).

Throughout all of these months, I will also be marketing, trying to keep up with my blog, and probably going to fantasy conventions to sell my books. If I can earn the money, I’ll also be commissioning interior art.

Anyway, that's my plan in a nutshell. Let me know, as always, if you have anything you'd like to ask about or comment on!


  1. From watching other authors work via FB and tweets, I just want to make sure you dont burn out trying to release 2 books a year. Now if they are not huge novels it is doable. But dont forget time for you to recharge.
    good luck!

    1. Thank you so much for your concern! Fortunately, though, all of the books have been written and rewritten already. As the situation stands, it should only take two months of work to do the writing and editing prepwork for each book, I hope. They're rather short novels (about fifty thousand to seventy thousand words) so I think I'll be able to manage.

      If it gets to be too much or my book quality becomes compromised, though, I will absolutely reconsider my goals.

      Really, I appreciate your comment. Thank you. I'll be sure to look after myself, too!

      Take care!