Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pendular Motion

Pendular Motion - Three Short SF Stories for 99¢

I've just released a 99¢ bundle with three micro short stories. Backers had a chance to preview this collection before it went live, but now I've finished polishing it. The description is below the cut!

The pendulum swings back and forth. 

Pendular Motion is just over 5000 words long and includes three micro short stories: Memory of the Machine, Cold Sleep, and Endless Night. It includes a full-color cover image for each story.


Memory of the Machine (Science Fantasy): (Flash fiction - approximately 1200 words.) — Alexis has spent her entire life trapped. Researching the vast beauty of space and time, she plots a course to take her back and back and back—the only way that she can move forward.


Cold Sleep (SciFi Horror): (Micro Short Story - approximately 2400 words. Also published in The Sirens Call issue #4) -— As Potosi’s terraformers deteriorate, Erin is stranded under the constant gaze of the sun.


Endless Night (Speculative Fiction): (Flash fiction - approximately 1500 words.) — Shepherding a ship full of people deep in cryogenic slumber, Olivia embraces life in the perpetual darkness of space.


Available for 99¢ in the Kindle store!

Pendular Motion - Story #1 - Memory of the Machine Pendular Motion - Story #2 - Cold Sleep Pendular Motion - Story #3 - Endless Night

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