Friday, October 19, 2012

Progress Report 14: Rewards!

I sent out surveys to backers. Of the responses that I received, I've fulfilled all but two of them. (One of those two will be filled when the second book comes out; the other will be mailed out over the course of a year.) If you had any problem with your rewards, please don't hesitate to contact me!

There are still a few backers who haven't responded to the surveys. I'll try to fulfill their rewards as soon as possible after I hear back from them! I understand that some people would prefer to wait until they've read the first book before making such requests, so I don't want to rush anyone. I just want to be prompt in fulfilling my promises!

I haven't heard any progress reports on the audiobooks, but I'm confident that the editing is underway, and that backers will be able to listen to them before the year's end. They'll be available for sale, too, if you're not a backer and like audiobooks--I'll make sure to keep everyone posted.

Oh, last of all, the paperbacks for the paperback packages have been ordered! They're scheduled to arrive November 1 or so. As soon as they arrive, I'll sign them and ship them off.

Basically, I've been hard at work keeping up with my schedule, and I'm very close to being done, which is very exciting for me! If I hear back from the other backers in the next two weeks, there's a fair chance that I'll hit 100% completion on all of the tasks! (At which point I'll need a new list for the next books, haha.)

Make sure that you contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always happy to clarify things if I've made them needlessly confusing. Or even if you just want more detail than I've offered. I hope you're all staying healthy as the seasons change!

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