Thursday, October 4, 2012

Progress Report 13: Audiobooks and Paperbacks!

Wow, it sure feels good to watch that fill up!

I have some great news to share! Last night I received word from Open Book Audio that the recording portion of the audiobook is complete. This surprised me, since I hadn't actually heard who would be the narrator yet and hadn't realized that they'd already begun recording. Still, I think that's probably the best kind of surprise there is, right?

The narrator for the audiobook is Alexis O’Donahue; I listened to a few samples of other books she's narrated, and she's got a clear, easy to understand voice, and she seems to do a good job of putting tone into the story, so I'm looking forward to hearing the final product! Since I have hearing problems, though, I'll probably have to ask a friend with better ears for assistance during my part of the proofing process.

Now, some of you might be wondering why the audiobook is only listed at 75% when the recording is already done. Well, the editing and mastering process take a fair chunk of time, so I counted them as 25% of the total. The audiobook probably won't release on the same day as the ebook and paperback (October 25), but it won't be long after that!

As for the paperback, I recently received what looks like it'll be my final proof. The little tweaks that I have left are ones that I can check with an e-proof, rather than ordering another paperback, so I think I'll be able to release the paperback at the same time as the ebook.

Finally, as for the ebooks, I'm still considering KDP Select. I've spoken with Amazon, and they've said that I would be able to offer to send buyers the format of their choice after purchasing it through Amazon, so it shouldn't keep non-Kindle owners from being able to read it. I'm still up in the air, though. Also, I have to decide on my list price--I charged ebook backers $5, but they're also getting a free audiobook, which will retail at around $15. They also get a number of special privileges, including an early download of the book. But I don't know if it would be unfair to charge $2.99 for the book, even so. What do all of you think?

Aside from that, I'm considering releasing a few unrelated short stories through Amazon, as well. In recent months, I've had two short stories accepted by publishers, but I have several others that don't fit any anthologies that are currently open. If I do release them, I won't charge more than $0.99 for them. I wonder if anyone would be interested?

Finally, the agenda for the coming weeks:

  • Go over proofs (paperback, ebook, audiobook)
  • Set up ebook downloads
  • Arrange paperback packages
  • Rewrite the third/fourth books in the series (2000 words a day)
If things go according to plan, the ebook/paperback will be available on October 25, and the audiobook will be available by the end of the following month. After that, I'll be poised to fulfill all other rewards as soon as backers finish their surveys! (More than a month ahead of all promises made during the campaign itself.)

Back to work with me!

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